Sunday, 15 May 2011

Catwalk show 2011!

So the fat lady sang two days ago and we are out for the summer! But of course we went out with a bang.
Graham street catwalk show 2011 was a big hit with our final show selling out! I thought I'd post a few photos taken from the audience to show case our grand performance!

Thank you to all the staff who helped out and all the back stage helpers, in particular the dressers who the show literally couldn't have run without!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Mood Boards

We made these mood boards at the start of this part of the course when we recieved our 'blog brief'. Dundee was our subject and we chose the Archetecture side of it.

Dundee - Dead Industry
Dead Industry Colour Pallette

Contrasting Mood boards to show the two sides of Dundee

Looking Forward

'Style Map' of dundee, from businessmen to neds

Lauren Crawford

While researching design companys and designers from and/or in dundee, I came across an interesting textile designer. Lauren Crawford studied at and graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee in 2008. It took her less than a year later to set up her own design business. She specialises in her own unique use of fabrics, mainly using wool and silk to create scarves, collars, wedding shawls, and garters. Lauren's accessories are all made by hand using a mixture of traditional and modern weaving techiniques to create each signature item.  She often exhibits her work in galleries throughout the uk AND New York, where she has sold designs to macy's department store (i found this most impressive and maybe felt the slightest bit jealous).  Ms Crawford has a studio in Fife and is designer in residence at Duncan of Jordanstone.

The above photos are taken from her own website
Looking closley at her designs, in particular the pieces i've chosen to display here, i think you can see how dundee might have inspires some of her work. The first of the images mainly consisting of brown shades and geometric shapes remind me of the old architecture seen all around dundee. Is it a possibility that the blue-turquoise pieces were inspired by the tay river? Its a possibility with a collection of her scarves known as 'reflection scarves'.

above: reflection scarves

overall I find lauren's work beautiful and original, I can see how she has created such a great interest in her work in such a short space of time and can't see her slowing down anytime soon.

fashion show

The annual Dundee College fashion show is upon us! Showcasing the latest work from HND and HNC students, it promises to be an exciting event!

Fashion Show Auditions

Dundee Street Art

What is your views on graffiti?
A pleasing Sight or an eyesore?

We at Evolve Dundee generally think graffiti is good in moderation, and can make a dreary town a bit more colourful. Visit to see some of Scotlands best and brightest pieces of graffiti.

A little bit of local goodness

1920s Altered Bra

Antique Silk w/embellished neckline

1950s Underskirt w/steel pins

Lasercut Wool Cape

Deconstructed Leather Jacket w/staples

Beautiful work from Textile designer Sara Nevay... lovely laser cutting and rusting, an absolute delight.

Thursday, 21 April 2011